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Before Cara Delevigne became the international brow icon everyone looks up to – “Her Eyebrowness”as was once labelled by Vogue – High Definition, the brand, was moving its first steps in the beauty industry, setting the foundations for what it is now become an empire, which is not falling short of the Roman Empire standards.

Eyebrow-shaping has ALWAYS been a thing among women, but it was back in 2008, when two pioneer women from the UK – Nilam Holmes-Patel and Karen Betts – got together and founded HD Brows, that eyebrows were not just a part of the body you were born with, a given by nature, but a true fashion/power/life statement of modern society.

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Although at the beginning they started just with a special focus on eyebrows treatments, which was what defined them as a brand more than anything else, and which has made their name known internationally, turning them into THE authority in this field, the company grew and expanded over the years of activity.
Today HD not only the brand has an award winning signature treatment, HD BROWS, everyone all over the world wants (both salons and customers) – and of course we have it in our salons as well ! – but also they rule the industry with a fantastic make-up line, eyelash extensions, nails and nail art, a top notch range of skincare products and treatments, and of course an Academy, with dedicated training courses for those who want to learn all the secrets of the trade and become a certified HD Therapist.

We are proud to be an official High Definition stockist and have in our team fully trained specialists who are able to perform to perfection the acclaimed HD BROW treatment.

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A Brand We Love: CRAZY ANGEL – Your Perfect Tan

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Summer is approaching …

…and you probably have already booked that holiday away in some hot location and you are thinking of the dreaded moment when you’ll arrive on the beach and you’ll be the whitest one in a 100 miles radius! Well, fear not, because there is a solution…


Spray tanning is without a doubt the quickest way to give your skin that golden shade to get you started for the holidays, or to keep it on – all year round – to fight the winter blues.

There are many tanning products in circulation, and too many are the brands who promise you the world, but leave you with unsatisfying results and that horrible orange shade that’s hard to wash away… that’s why we have chosen CRAZY ANGEL, a professional leader in its sector, one of the best brands there is.

These products are fantastic because they come in a range of colours that is is easily applicable to different skin tones, and will give a naturally tanned look, compatible with your skin tone

Light Tanning

The Golden Mistress sprays are tailored to suit fairer and gentle skin tones, giving a sun kissed angelic glow, while the Midnight Mistress sprays, are perfect for naturally darker/olive skins tones or to achieve that desired “I’ve been away on the beach for three weeks” kind of tan. Dark Tanning

The fine mist of these sprays is the secret of a quick and streak-free tanning treatment. It will instantly make your skin look healthier and glowing, it will hiding those little imperfections like blemishes and varicose veins and last but not least…

Did you know that a tan makes you look thinner too?? It’s a win win win situation here!

A tan, in fact, instantly makes you feel healthier and more confident. The only problem is that you can’t always lay in the sun for hours (especially if you live in England) or put your skin through thousands of sun beds, because not only that would turn out to be very expensive, but also very dangerous for the health of your skin. Many studies have demonstrated how the overexposure to UV rays can be extremely harmful for your skin and how they can cause damages such as allergic reactions, immune suppression, premature aging and irreversible eye damage. Over time, an excessive UV exposure may be the cause of melanoma, ie. skin cancer.

The sun is indeed a vital source of vitamins, but since we can’t exaggerate with that anymore, spray tan is our best option!

woman laying in the sun on the beach

Get ready your skin ready for summer with a healthy, sun-kissed look at COVER Beauty!  

Check out the Tanning Packages available in our ONLINE SHOP now and stop by for a visit 🙂

A brand we love: TROPIC Skincare

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TROPIC Skincare is one of the best companies when it comes to all-natural beauty products.

You might have heard of Tropic before because the woman behind it, Susan Ma, has appeared on the famous tv show the Apprentice, in 2011.

The show gave her the the opportunity to show everyone something she really believe in: a natural and cruelty free range of high quality beauty products. Although she did not win, Lord Sugar saw a great potential behind her idea and the ethos behind it, and he was so impressed that after the end of the tv show, he offered to invest in it and become co-owner of the company.
It goes without saying that this new business partnership has been a great success since, and the products are now conquering the world of skincare and cosmetics.

The product range covers skin care, body care and make up, from cleansers to face masks with different purposes and for different types of skin to body oils, tanning serums and more.

The big promise behind each product is that it is made with 100% chemical free ingredients, no parabens, or any other synthetic substance – which, as we very well know, can only be a damage to our skin.

For all the reasons above…We absolutely LOVE this brand! And we have chosen it as one of our trusted brands.

You should definitely try our TROPIC FACIAL, a pamper experience for your face, that will make your skin glow and rejoice from all the naturally rich nutrients!!

Our Tropic Facial is suitable for all skin types, it can help with dry skin and improves the skin tone. The vitamin E and fruit extracts contained in the products have a brightening effect on the skin and help to naturally reduce the skin pigmentation.

The Tropic Facial routine includes:

Cleansing – Toning – Exfoliation with optional steam – Massage – Mask – Moisturiser and Eye Care.



The ultimate hair removal – CYNOSURE ELITE LASER

In the never ending war against hair growth, laser is definitely our best weapon!

Nothing to do with Star Wars and ligthtsabers… but equally powerful to fight those unwanted hair everywhere on your body. Yes, “everywhere”, because any area of the body can be treated (unless under particular circumstances, like an already existent skin condition).

We are proud to announce that we have just purchased a CYNOSURE ELITE Laser machine and we will launching a full body treatments programme on the 10th of February 2017.

Cynosure Elite is one of the best hair removal lasers on the market and as a system per se, laser is the most effective weapon to fight the battle against body hair!
During laser hair removal, a laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth. The darker hair, the easier it is for the laser to hit the follicle and do its job.

For those of you interested in the ‘science’ bit…

The classic 755 nm wavelength has high melanin absorption characteristics and proven long-term results for pigmented lesion removal and hair reduction, permanently reducing hair by an average of 79% after just three treatments.

The 1064nm Nd:YAG wavelength is the safest wavelength for permanent hair reduction on darker skin types and tanned skin2 and is the wavelength of choice for treating facial and leg veins, the most common form of vascular lesions.

Some lasers, including Cynosure’s Elite , offer two optimal wavelengths in one system. This allows you to switch between wavelengths during a single procedure and select the most appropriate laser for any given hair or skin type.
You can also perform multiple procedures on the same client during the same visit.

In addition, selected Cynosure lasers also offer the exclusive Multiplex technology. Multiplexing sequentially fires more than one wavelength to achieve outstanding clinical results with lower fluence required for each respective wavelength. This gives you great flexibility in your treatments, especially when treating patients with darker skin types.

A few facts & tips …

Laser Hair Removal is a very popular method of permanent hair reduction with women and increasingly with men. It would appear expensive at first but when you consider that shaving and waxing can take up a lot of time and money over the years, you will conclude that Laser Hair Removal works out a lot cheaper in the long run.

There are many factors involved in the final result of the treatment, from hair colour to hormonal levels and medicines taken during the
period of treatment.

Treatment time will vary depending on the size of the area. It is a long process, arm yourself with a good dose of patience, and take into consideration you will need at at least 6-10 treatments, plus maintenance.

Unfortunately laser hair removal does not work on light, grey or red hairs because of the melanin in the skin.

It is not advisable to attempt laser hair removal on tanned skin. Additionally, you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible for 24 hours after a treatment – making sure you wear sunblock if going outside. It’s important to wear sunscreen everyday and even more important to wear it after laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is an effective way to permanently reduce hair growth. It works by disrupting the function of the hair follicle. The hair follicle still exists post-treatment but is not able to grow hair if targeted during its growth phase. Electrolysis is the only approved method of permanent hair removal but it takes a very long time and is not popular. A top up laser hair removal treatment every few years is typically recommended to maintain the desired result.

While it is not advisable to pluck hairs before a treatment and between treatments, you can stull shave.

It doesn’t hurt that much. Previous users have often likened it to a ping of a rubber band against the skin or a sharp flick of a finger. While it’s noticeable, it’s not too uncomfortable.

Please note: Laser Hair Removeal Treatments are currently available ONLY at our salon Appearance by Cover Beauty in the Metro Centre.



1Kilmer et al.
2 Garcia C, et al. Alexandrite laser hair removal is safe for Fitzpatrick skin types IV-VI., Dermatol Surg. 200;26(2):130-4

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