What’s your nail shape?


We report this interesting and useful chart with the different types and descriptions of the most popular shapes of Nails Extensions of the moment!

(as seen on Grazia Daily )



OVAL : Very feminine and always elegant, they suit hands with shorter fingers and wide nail beds because the oval shape will help create the illusion of length. Pretty with nail art too!

SQUOVAL: Similar to the previous one, they are very classy and girly will help create the same effect of length.

ALMOND : perfect for every type of hand, and super-chic. The look best with metallic colours.

COFFIN: uber-glam and super popular at the moment. If your nail bed is long and narrow these will be perfect for you.

STILETTO: Like coffin nails these are quite high-maintenance but are perfect if you want to stand out. Go crazy with the nail art.

SQUARE: nice and tidy, very in during the noughties. you should pick these if you have long fingers but narrow nail beds. Pair with bold colours.

ROUND: simple and elegant, you can never go wrong with round nails. These suit any colour, and look very natural if you leave them unpainted.





All about them NAIL EXTENSIONS!

Nail-extensions gold

Many people don’t realise this, but a Nail technician is a true artist!

If they knew how much work, attention to detail, creativity and perfectionism goes behind their work, they’d think the same! This is the reason why we felt it was about time we talked about nails and the treatments we offer, with a special post.

You have realised your nails are weak, they break frequently and you can’t seem to find a way to grow them? Or else, you like to do your own nails and love a touch of colour, but the shop-bought nail polishes don’t seem to last long enough and you don’t always have time to re-do your nails every other day?

This is why COVER is here for you  girls!

There are different long-lasting Nail treatments we can suggest…

If it is your first time trying nail extensions or you have had them done before but you are starting from scratch again after some time, then a Full Set of Extensions is what would work best for you. A Full Set treatment starts with the usual prepping of your natural nails – trimming and flinging your nails and treating the cuticles. Then, an artificial tip and a layer of acrylic is applied on top to create the base of your new nail. Once this is set properly, the technician proceeds to add the desired colour (either Gel or Polish) and any design or decoration you would like.

Sculptured Nails, are another type of nail extensions that follows a different technique, and are not often offered in other salons because it’s an art on its own that requires years to perfect.

As the name suggests, the extension is “sculpted” – built – on top of your natural nail without an artificial tip. The tip in this case is created ex-novo by modelling the acrylic liquid to perfectly fit the shape of your finger and natural nail.

sculptured nails step 1 sculptured nails step 2 sculptured nails 3






modelling sculptured nail

filing sculpted nails






Once the acrylic layer is set as in the case above, the technician can proceed with the application of colour and any design or decoration.

The difference between a Full Set and Sculptured Nails is one of durability. Sculptured nails, because they are built straight on your nail, they don’t have the weak spot between the tip and the nail as it happens in the Full Set.

If you are not after nail extensions and are happy with the length of your natural nails, you can opt for Nails Overlay. For this treatment, the strengthening mixture is applied directly on your natural nail, and the rest of the decorations afterwards on top of it. So, the overlay will be the same length of your nail but it will make them stronger and they will last longer.

metallic nails

How often will you have to retouch your nails if you have extensions?

The longevity of your nails will depend on many factors linked to how much you use your hands. Usually the upkeep should be done every 3-4 weeks. If you have either a Full Set or Sculpted nails on, it’s not necessary to remove them and start a new set every time, you could opt for Infills instead. Infills are the “maintenance” procedure, a quick way to tidy up, touch-up your manicure with a quick filling of the re-growth gap that will appear at the bottom of your nails, near the cuticles, as they grow underneath.


What’s your shape?

Squoval, coffin, stiletto? If these words don’t ring any bell, you better read this post we wrote about the different and most popular shapes of nails of the moment!


Visit our website and pick your favourite nail treatment from the wide variety on offer.


The festival season is …OPEN!

festival summer sunset

We’re at the end of June already. The summer solstice has passed and that means we are officially in SUMMER. And that means that Festival Season has begun!

We have already seen all the best looks and trends at Coachella festival, and now we’re waiting for the fashion and beauty updates from Glasto too.

Everywhere you look there is a festival and plenty of occasions to show off your personal style. If you’re going to one of these glamourous events, or any other summer party, and you need some inspiration on festival looks, we’ve got some suggestions for you.

From colourful nails, dreamcatcher designs and cute glitters to simple or intricate henna design for your hands and body – white henna is our favourite of the season, it will look amazing on your tanned skin!

Have a look at this little gallery of ideas we’ve put together for you!


Summer trends… Channelling the Little Mermaid !

ariel little mermaid disney

? Under the sea…Under the sea ?

It’s incredible how many things are possible with gel nails! There is truly no limit to imagination!

As reported on Popsugar and other popular beauty magazines, all things mermaid are definitely on trend for this summer 2017.

For all of you, whose favourite Disney character has always been Ariel, you will love these MERMAID  NAILS that are taking over Instagram and the world – above and below water obvs. 😉

mermaid nail instagram


3D nails shells are here and are the cutest!

The texture and shape of a shell can be created using sculpture building gel to form the 3D effect, the colours and the sparkle are then added on top. You can have as much glitter you want, or go for an iridescent or holographic instead, or pick your favourite pastel colours and add some gems and a bit of gold foil. The combinations are infinite and all equally stunning!

If you like the idea, you could ask your Nail Technician here at Cover Beauty to transform you in the little mermaid you’ve always wanted to be! 🙂




Nail Trends for Spring 2017

The Beauty Industry walks hands in hands with the Fashion Industry and as such we follow avidly the latest trends and style crazes.

It you are already studying your wardrobe to assess what injections are required for the imminent Spring Season arrival – Spring?!? Who are we kidding?!? – you may want to start thinking about your manicure too! If you’re looking for stripes, florals, and nautical details for your wardrobe, your hands are likely to follow suit! Here is some inspiration provided by the trendiest runway shows!


Inspired by 3.1 Phillip Lim

INSPIRED BY: Philip Lim Spring/Summer '17 WHY WE LOVE IT: When worn over a neutral lacquer, a rose-gold French, simple silver line, or textured 14-karat tip is a refined way to pull off a precious metal manicure. For the best transition from a winter white look, add a metallic overlay by brushing a platinum polish on top as seen at 3.1 Phillip Lim. The result: easy, elegant, and elevated. 

 Continuing Desigual's Instagram-themed show, nail artist Keri Blair created "created six different nails inspired by trends on social media," including this grown-up glitter look.  Nail artist Miss Pop took inspiration from the Jordanian Desert for the look at Nicholas K. She started with a NCLA's Classics Nail Wraps in 'That Warm November Night and filed them down to shape. She added wavy bands in alternating shades of nude polish, then applied gold foil from her collab MissPop x Tattify in So Fancy. Once set she sealed the look with a clear topcoat.

@hannahroxit @oliveandjune @primpnpolish


Inspired by Vera Wang

INSPIRED BY: Vera Wang Spring/Summer '17 WHY WE LOVE IT: High-shine black polish is making its mark as 2017's best nail accessory. Whether vertically striped (as spotted at Vera Wang), curved around the cuticle, or painted at the tips—it's a simple but bold look that appears equally chic when painted over bare nails or alongside vibrant pops of color.  @jinsoonchoi

@purplenailbox @naominailsnyc @oliveandjune


Inspired by Jeremy Scott

INSPIRED BY: Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer '17 WHY WE LOVE IT: Bright-colored pieces were all over the runways and this year nails follow suit. The quickest way to get into spring mode is with dots, stripes, and geometric patterns in bold contrasting hues. Just take a look at Jeremy Scott's vibrant, poppy fingertips to get in the mood. 

@jinsoonchoi @chelseaqueen @aliciatnails



Inspired by Creatures of Comfort

INSPIRED BY: Creatures of Comfort Spring/Summer '17 WHY WE LOVE IT: The French manicure continues to be completely reimagined for 2017. Multicolor tips on the Creatures of Comfort catwalk felt fresh and fun. Diagonally painted blue edges, bold black and white, and thin ribbons of red also prove how far this technique has come. One tip of utmost importance: be sure to coat the base of your nail with a sheer neutral and keep the length short and rounded. @aliciatnails

Manicurist Alicia Torello created a manicure that "was minimal yet high impact" on a sharp, stiletto shape. She contrasted two lacquers by Christian Louboutin: Just Nothing and Salonu.  @ginaedwards_ @fleuryrosenails @misspopnails Rebecca Minkoff nails by Essie were done in alternating halves of cherry red and pale nude that, like their collection, is available to purchase immediately.   Image result for nail trends 2017


Inspired by Marc Jacobs


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