The power of Reflexology

reflexology massage

Reflexology is more than a glorified foot massage.

For those of you who are quite in touch with your inner self, keen yogini and open to experiencing alternative techniques to improve the energy and connection between mind, body and soul, well this treatment might be the right massage for you.

reflexology zones

It’s an ancient healing method based on the fundamental belief that feet – and hands – are a map of our body. Exactly like a map, feet and hands can be divided in reflex zones which are directly connected to specific areas of the body, including organs.

When these zones are stimulated, by applying a combination of gentle manipulation and pressing techniques, an effect is caused elsewhere in the body – ie the area connected to the specific reflex zone being treated.

Why is Reflexology good for you?

Reflexology works towards restoring the internal balance of the body, and release discomfort and pain, stimulate circulation and reach a general sense of relaxation and wellbeing. It can help ease minor health issues like migraines, flu or digestive issues, or even help with PMS symptoms.

If we have intrigued you, come try a reflexology session in one of our salons, it is currently offered at Appearance by Cover Beauty and Cover Beauty Salon Metrocentre and at Cover Beauty Salon The Galleries, Washington.



All about them NAIL EXTENSIONS!

Nail-extensions gold

Many people don’t realise this, but a Nail technician is a true artist!

If they knew how much work, attention to detail, creativity and perfectionism goes behind their work, they’d think the same! This is the reason why we felt it was about time we talked about nails and the treatments we offer, with a special post.

You have realised your nails are weak, they break frequently and you can’t seem to find a way to grow them? Or else, you like to do your own nails and love a touch of colour, but the shop-bought nail polishes don’t seem to last long enough and you don’t always have time to re-do your nails every other day?

This is why COVER is here for you  girls!

There are different long-lasting Nail treatments we can suggest…

If it is your first time trying nail extensions or you have had them done before but you are starting from scratch again after some time, then a Full Set of Extensions is what would work best for you. A Full Set treatment starts with the usual prepping of your natural nails – trimming and flinging your nails and treating the cuticles. Then, an artificial tip and a layer of acrylic is applied on top to create the base of your new nail. Once this is set properly, the technician proceeds to add the desired colour (either Gel or Polish) and any design or decoration you would like.

Sculptured Nails, are another type of nail extensions that follows a different technique, and are not often offered in other salons because it’s an art on its own that requires years to perfect.

As the name suggests, the extension is “sculpted” – built – on top of your natural nail without an artificial tip. The tip in this case is created ex-novo by modelling the acrylic liquid to perfectly fit the shape of your finger and natural nail.

sculptured nails step 1 sculptured nails step 2 sculptured nails 3






modelling sculptured nail

filing sculpted nails






Once the acrylic layer is set as in the case above, the technician can proceed with the application of colour and any design or decoration.

The difference between a Full Set and Sculptured Nails is one of durability. Sculptured nails, because they are built straight on your nail, they don’t have the weak spot between the tip and the nail as it happens in the Full Set.

If you are not after nail extensions and are happy with the length of your natural nails, you can opt for Nails Overlay. For this treatment, the strengthening mixture is applied directly on your natural nail, and the rest of the decorations afterwards on top of it. So, the overlay will be the same length of your nail but it will make them stronger and they will last longer.

metallic nails

How often will you have to retouch your nails if you have extensions?

The longevity of your nails will depend on many factors linked to how much you use your hands. Usually the upkeep should be done every 3-4 weeks. If you have either a Full Set or Sculpted nails on, it’s not necessary to remove them and start a new set every time, you could opt for Infills instead. Infills are the “maintenance” procedure, a quick way to tidy up, touch-up your manicure with a quick filling of the re-growth gap that will appear at the bottom of your nails, near the cuticles, as they grow underneath.


What’s your shape?

Squoval, coffin, stiletto? If these words don’t ring any bell, you better read this post we wrote about the different and most popular shapes of nails of the moment!


Visit our website and pick your favourite nail treatment from the wide variety on offer.


Tropic Facial Step by Step

woman relaxing with facial mask on
  • As mentioned in a previous post we LOVE the brand Tropic Skincare so much that we have a facial treatment with their name and in which we use exclusively Tropic products.

(read more about the brand and why we love it here)

A traditional routine of a Tropic Facial in one of the Cover Beauty Salons follows these steps:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Exfoliation (with optional steam)
  4. Massage
  5. Mask
  6. Moisturiser
  7. Eye Care

Since we all have different types of skin, it’s important to know which are the right products to use on our skin and in this case during the the treatment as well, in order to make sure we are maximising the effects of the natural ingredients and obtain the best results. A Tropic Facial can be tailored to the needs of the client, each one is unique. Our Therapists are experts in the field and they will be able to identify your skin type and the unique combination of products to go with it, and also to suggest which are your delicate and troubled areas and what to do about them.

The beauty of Tropic Products is that they are easy to use at home as well, so maybe if you come for your first facial and you fall in love with it, you could purchase the products we have used on you during the treatment and continue the routine at home, if you have enough time to dedicate to it every day.

We’re warning you though…It’s not going to be the same as coming to the salon and have someone take care of you, gently massaging the products on your face while you relax 😉
Here below we have put together a little example of a beauty routine  perfect to achieve a fresher, younger looking skin, if you wanted to try this at home!

smoothing cleanser tropic
STEP 1 – Cleanser
vitamin toner tropic
STEP 2 – Toner











Full of all the proprieties of eucalyptus, golden jojoba and avocado oils, this cleanser purifies the skin from dirt and make up residues on your skin making every pore breathe. All the dirt is removed with a 100%organic bamboo cloth, perfect for this purpose.

STEP 2 – Toning with VITAMIN TONE

A delicate pore refining mist that contains rose water, aloe vera and cucumber juices, rich in vitamins and amino acids, incredibly beneficial to restore the pH balance of your skin.

face lift mask tropic



A mask with a tightening age-defying “lift” on your skin. The all natural ingredients of this mask will hydrate, nourish and brighten your skin while also reducing fine lines.



STEP 4 – Moisturiser
STEP 5 – Elixir











STEP 4 – Moisturising with SKIN REVIVE
A cream that contains lots of extracts from 20 different plants and fruits which are high in nutrients and work together to
achieve a maximal hydration for the skin that will be visibly healthier and radiant.

STEP 5 – Finishing touches with ORGANIC ELIXIR

A powerful organic oil containing all the good antioxidants and amino acids that, when applied to the most crucial areas of face, neck and décolletage, will have a visible anti-age effect on your skin.




If you have any questions about the products or the treatment just pop us a message via our website!

To book a Tropical Facial click HERE now. 🙂



Four Layer Facial – The best facial of the century!

white face mask application with brush

Cosmopolitan UK has defined it “the best facial of the century”…

…so let’s see in details what’s so special about this wonder of a facial treatment!

What is it?
A top class anti-aging treatment, suitable for all skin types.

Which are the benefits on the skin?
Improvements of the tone, for a visibly firmer skin.

What is in it?
Loads of mineral-rich European Seaweed.

How does it work?
This treatment focuses on the application on layers of different products that will work together to hydrate, rejuvenate and make your skin look younger.

First Layer: C- SERUM
The C-Serum, which contains 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins and minerals and 42 trace elements derived from deep sea seaweed is applied on crucial zones of face, neck and décolletage, with a massage to ensure the serum is fully absorbed.

Second Layer: Hydrating Cream
The Hydrating Cream, which contains lactic acid acting as exfoliator, is then applied with a delicate massage on top of the serum for a smoother and youthful looking skin.

Third Layer: Seaweed Treatment Mask
A mixture of two products Seaweed Mask Powder and Gel is applied at this stage all over the face and neck areas.

Fourth Layer: Mineral Mask
The Mineral Mask is the grand finale of the treatment. It is applied on top of the layer of Seaweed Mask, and it is a thermal mask that creates its own gentle warmth essential to activate the benefits of the Seaweed mask underneath.

After both masks are removed and a finishing layer of hydrating cream and serum is applied to the most delicate areas of the face (eyes and lip contour) you’ll be surprised by the result!

In fact, with this treatment you will see immediate results on your skin. It’s a pure injection of energy and hydration to the skin, that will react by looking more relaxed, cleaner and younger looking right after the first treatment! You will love it!

BOOK A Four Layer Facial NOW

HD Brows – the treatment

perfect eyebrows

HD BROWS – the brand – are the absolute experts in the beauty field…

…and their products and treatments are as perfect as the expertise of the people behind it…because they train HD Brows Stylist to very high standards.

As you know, or might have guessed, HD Brows stands for High Definition Eyebrows, which is in fact the name of their core treatment, the centre of attention of this post, and one we are proud to offer in our salons.

So here we go. What can you expect from an HD Brows Treatment?

Well, if having perfectly symmetrical eyebrows is a must – otherwise your OCD will kick in big time – trust us, this is without any doubt the right one for you.

An expert Brow Stylist will take time to analyse your current brow situation, consider what size and shape works best with your facial features and will agree with you on the look you want to achieve, before starting the actual treatment.

The eyebrows are then tinted (obviously with a colour that matches your natural one to perfection) and then the shaping process starts: a combination of waxing, threading, tweezing, brush, brow pencil and more, all to ensure the final result is top notch.

Sounds so easy and simple, right?

Have a look below at some ‘before & after’ shots, the results are absolutely stunning. Your eyebrows will turn heads!

Visit our website to see all the other Eyebrows Treatments we offer and if we’ve been convincing enough, you can book your HD Brows appointment here. ?


A Brand We Love: CRAZY ANGEL – Your Perfect Tan

woman beach summer smile

Summer is approaching …

…and you probably have already booked that holiday away in some hot location and you are thinking of the dreaded moment when you’ll arrive on the beach and you’ll be the whitest one in a 100 miles radius! Well, fear not, because there is a solution…


Spray tanning is without a doubt the quickest way to give your skin that golden shade to get you started for the holidays, or to keep it on – all year round – to fight the winter blues.

There are many tanning products in circulation, and too many are the brands who promise you the world, but leave you with unsatisfying results and that horrible orange shade that’s hard to wash away… that’s why we have chosen CRAZY ANGEL, a professional leader in its sector, one of the best brands there is.

These products are fantastic because they come in a range of colours that is is easily applicable to different skin tones, and will give a naturally tanned look, compatible with your skin tone

Light Tanning

The Golden Mistress sprays are tailored to suit fairer and gentle skin tones, giving a sun kissed angelic glow, while the Midnight Mistress sprays, are perfect for naturally darker/olive skins tones or to achieve that desired “I’ve been away on the beach for three weeks” kind of tan. Dark Tanning

The fine mist of these sprays is the secret of a quick and streak-free tanning treatment. It will instantly make your skin look healthier and glowing, it will hiding those little imperfections like blemishes and varicose veins and last but not least…

Did you know that a tan makes you look thinner too?? It’s a win win win situation here!

A tan, in fact, instantly makes you feel healthier and more confident. The only problem is that you can’t always lay in the sun for hours (especially if you live in England) or put your skin through thousands of sun beds, because not only that would turn out to be very expensive, but also very dangerous for the health of your skin. Many studies have demonstrated how the overexposure to UV rays can be extremely harmful for your skin and how they can cause damages such as allergic reactions, immune suppression, premature aging and irreversible eye damage. Over time, an excessive UV exposure may be the cause of melanoma, ie. skin cancer.

The sun is indeed a vital source of vitamins, but since we can’t exaggerate with that anymore, spray tan is our best option!

woman laying in the sun on the beach

Get ready your skin ready for summer with a healthy, sun-kissed look at COVER Beauty!  

Check out the Tanning Packages available in our ONLINE SHOP now and stop by for a visit 🙂

Eyelash Extensions… an essential guide

playful woman with fake eyelashes on hands

The Good and the Bad of Eyelash Extensions

The positive sides of having eyelash extension is the immediate visual improvement they have on your eyes. They make your lashes look fuller and longer instantly without having to apply a set every morning because they are long lasting. So they save you time and money spent on mascara, because chances are that with the right set of extensions you won’t need to apply any at all, plus you won’t have to use that devilish tool the eyelash curler is!! On the other hand though, lashes needs maintenance, brushing, cleansing and they don’t come at a cheap price unfortunately – especially if you consider the regular touch ups  you’ll have to do as well. It’s an investment, and some people think that, despite being somewhat pricey, it is worth for the results provided.

Will the Extensions Damage my Natural Lashes?eyelash extensions cluster application

When applied by a professional and in the correct way, the extensions will be of no harm to your natural lashes or to your eyes. The whole application process and the glue used to stick the extensions on your lashes is safe and pain free – when done right- although some people might experience allergic reactions to the glue. Always tell to your technician if you have particularly sensitive eyes and if you feel any stinging or pain during the process.

What are the Types of Eyelash Extensions available?

Eyelash extensions come in various types, sizes and lengths. There are three types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. Synthetic and silk are more versatile and are often combined to achieve different looks. Mink lashes instead are 100% natural fibre, which means that they look natural but also that their shape and thickness can vary, and also they are much more expensive than the others.

Eyelash extensions come in a range of sizes from 6mm to 17mm and the length and thickness achievable will depend on your natural lashes. A professional technician will be able to best advise you what is the best set for you. It is advisable not to start big and dramatic from the first application, but to add just a few extensions at first and build up on those, to calibrate the perfect look for you.

How Long Does it Take to Apply a set of lash extensions?eyelash extensions single application

Generally speaking the process takes around two hours, particularly if you decided to go for a full set of new lashes. Each lash is individually glued to a single natural lash so it is a very meticulous job and on a delicate area, so it is always best to take the right amount of time and not rush it. During this time you will need to keep your eyes completely closed to ensure correct application and safety.
For a more subtle effect it is advisable to get a half set of lashes to start with. It will still have a great impact on the thickness of your lashes and it will take less time – and less money – to be applied.

How Often Do You Need to Get Them Re-Done?

As mentioned above, eyelash extensions are a long-lasting treatment. with the correct maintenance the extensions can last weeks, months or even for the whole year, depending on which type you get as well. To achieve the longest lasting life of your lashes it is best to get a touch-up every 3-4 weeks.

What NOT  to do with your Lashes…

In the first 12 to 24 hours after you have had your eyelashes extensions applies, avoid water at all costs! Jokes aside, water can diminish the effect of the glue before it’s completely set, causing the lashes to fall off. Once the 24 hours have passed you may finally have a shower or wash your face! ha.

For what concerns which products you can use on your eyes, well, it’s advised to not use oil-based make up removers or any other similar product around the eye area, as they can affect the duration of your lashes.   As for make up, it would be best not to use mascara at all – do you even need it with your new set of lashes?? – but if you feel naked without it, you can use regular mascara, but keep it mind that that as well can have an impact on the life of your extensions.

What are the Types of Extensions you Offer at Cover Beauty?

We offer a wide variety of fine quality, long lasting lash applications for every kind of occasion, whether you want  to achieve an everyday natural look, or a dramatic one that won’t go unnoticed.

Below a list of the lash treatments you can find in our Salons – for more info check our website here.


Clusters of lashes applied to your own eyelashes – lasts 2-3 days.


Thick layer of clusters of lashes applied to your own eyelashes – lasts 2-3days.



Individual lashes applied to your own eyelashes – lasts 7-10 days before requiring infills.



Individual lashes applied to your own eyelashes – lasts 2-3 weeks before requiring infills.



Feathered look created by 3 lashes applied together to your own eyelashes for a fuller impact – lasts 2-3 weeks


We also offer EYELASH TINT £15 and take care of your lashes REMOVAL (STARTS FROM) £5 when you will need it.


We have the escape zone you were looking for…

woman head massage

If you can’t get away to a beautiful Italian Spa in Tuscany – like the one in the photo below – at the click of a finger …

Saturnia – Cascate del Mulino, Italy


… then the closest you can get to that general feeling of relaxation, detachment from all work-related, family-related, everything-else-related stress only a spa retreat could give you is… booking yourself in for one of our Pamper Treatments – a massage in particular – and enjoy a few hours for yourself, alone, just you and your massage therapist, a person who, if you ask her to, won’t even say a word and just work on your body in silence.

The benefits regular massages can have on the body are really uncountable.

The Romans were very fond of body massage. A popular Latin saying goes ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’, which means that for a healthy mind you need an healthy body. In fact, the Romans – and the Greeks before them – had a true cult for the body and took extra care of it, especially with baths and  massages. For them it wasn’t just a way to keep clean and healthy,  it was a truly social activity, a way to meet friends and to talk about anything from gossip to politics with their peers.

Today, going to the Spa or going for a massage, is seen more as an individual activity, something to do on our own, to get away from the routine, focus on yourself, aimed at releasing worry and stress of work and life.

Over the past couple of decades, many massage trends have had their own big moment of popularity and we are now looking at almost at a 100 different types of massages, inherited from exotic cultures like the Japanese Shiatsu, or the Thai massage, the Ayurveda massage from India or the ancient tradition of Reflexology from China – each one with their own characteristics and benefits.

Studies prove that massage is very effective to relieve pain, stress and other mild illnesses, because by manipulating targeted areas of the body with repetitive movements and pressure on trigger areas, the blood circulation is improved and therefore more oxygen will reach the tissues, relieving aches and aiding recovery.

Other studies have demonstrated how massage therapy might be beneficials for people who suffer with anxiety and depression, insomnia and migraines.

(For more information click here).

Especially when it comes to psychological issues and depression, studies have shown that massage can lower the levels of cortisol (an hormone produced by the body in response to stress) by as much as 50% and increase the ones of serotonin and dopamine, both neurotransmitters believed to contribute in stabilising mood swings and giving a general sense of wellness and happiness.


Here are the types of massage we offer in our Salons :

Indian Head
Shoulders & Neck
Shoulders, Neck & Back
Foot & Leg
Arm & Hand
Full Body

Visit the “massage” section of each Salon on our website to read the specifics of each massage, pick the one that you like the most and book HERE 🙂


*It is important to keep in mind that massage therapy cannot be considered as a replacement for regular medical care, but the combination of the two might give better results.


henna tattoo on hands with nail varnish

Introducing the beautiful art of Henna! 

Mainly used for body art and hair dye-ing, Henna is the product of a plant, whose origins are still a bit mysterious. Its flowers, and the pigments contained in them, have been used over the centuries by many cultures all over the world, in countries such as India, Middle East and Africa.

According to the historical reports, the beautiful Cleopatra used to used it to adorn her body, a practice she probably embraced when she was in Egypt – in fact the Henna paste was already applied to mummies as a decorative design before the burial.

Today Henna is popularly used in temporary tattoos and body art in particular. You’ve probably seen them often on beautiful Indian Brides in Bollywood movies – or at an Indian wedding, if you have had the pleasure to participate to such a colorful and happy event before in your life!

It is also used in other cultures with different patterns compared to the Indian ones, but all in all the general symbol of the lines and design is to symbolise joy, beauty, to chase away the evil and attract positivity.



If you didn’t know yet… we offer henna tattoos and body art in most of our Salons! 

Especially at Appearance by Cover in the Metrocentre and in our beauty salons in Newcastle and Washington!

Book yourself in and get a beautiful design on your body, just in time for summer!



Oxygen Bar – the latest trends


Since they first appeared in the 1990s, Oxygen bars have always grown in popularity.

The first oxygen bar was launched in Canada in 1996 and the trend then spread all across America till it reached our shores.

The whole concept behind it takes inspiration from countries like Japan and China, where they have real “air stations”, due to high levels of pollutions in the air, especially in cities like Tokyo or Beijing.

Oxygen bars have become a staple people pleaser at nightclubs, salons, fitness centers, malls, theme parks and airports.

What can you expect from an oxygen bar session?

usually the oxygen you will be “served” contains 99% pure O2 (about4-5 times more than the average 21% you find in “normal” air you breathe daily). You are given a tube to hook over your ears and into your nose and all you have to do is sit down relax and…breathe.

Just like any other ‘bar’, oxygen bars offer a variety of scents and flavours to add to your oxygen session, according to the specific effect you are after:  for an energising effect peppermint and citrus are the best picks,  for a relaxing effect instead you’ll want to choose chamomile. Oxygen gas is then bubbled through scented water and pumped through a breathing tube that you plug into your nose, the duration of the treatment can vary. The air flow isn’t strong so it will feel like breathing normal air, with the additional hint of the scent you picked. All in all a very pleasurable experience for sure.

Although there is no medical proof that breathing in extra amount of oxygen really has any benefit for your body, it is believed that breathing in non-medical scented oxygen leaves people who tried it feeling refreshed, full of energy and alert.

Among the other benefits it has been proved to:

  • reduce stress,
  • increase energy and alertness,
  • relieve hangovers,
  • alleviate headaches, and sinus problems,
  • and generally relax the body.