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Eyelash Extensions… an essential guide

The Good and the Bad of Eyelash Extensions

The positive sides of having eyelash extension is the immediate visual improvement they have on your eyes. They make your lashes look fuller and longer instantly without having to apply a set every morning because they are long lasting. So they save you time and money spent on mascara, because chances are that with the right set of extensions you won’t need to apply any at all, plus you won’t have to use that devilish tool the eyelash curler is!! On the other hand though, lashes needs maintenance, brushing, cleansing and they don’t come at a cheap price unfortunately – especially if you consider the regular touch ups  you’ll have to do as well. It’s an investment, and some people think that, despite being somewhat pricey, it is worth for the results provided.

Will the Extensions Damage my Natural Lashes?eyelash extensions cluster application

When applied by a professional and in the correct way, the extensions will be of no harm to your natural lashes or to your eyes. The whole application process and the glue used to stick the extensions on your lashes is safe and pain free – when done right- although some people might experience allergic reactions to the glue. Always tell to your technician if you have particularly sensitive eyes and if you feel any stinging or pain during the process.

What are the Types of Eyelash Extensions available?

Eyelash extensions come in various types, sizes and lengths. There are three types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. Synthetic and silk are more versatile and are often combined to achieve different looks. Mink lashes instead are 100% natural fibre, which means that they look natural but also that their shape and thickness can vary, and also they are much more expensive than the others.

Eyelash extensions come in a range of sizes from 6mm to 17mm and the length and thickness achievable will depend on your natural lashes. A professional technician will be able to best advise you what is the best set for you. It is advisable not to start big and dramatic from the first application, but to add just a few extensions at first and build up on those, to calibrate the perfect look for you.

How Long Does it Take to Apply a set of lash extensions?eyelash extensions single application

Generally speaking the process takes around two hours, particularly if you decided to go for a full set of new lashes. Each lash is individually glued to a single natural lash so it is a very meticulous job and on a delicate area, so it is always best to take the right amount of time and not rush it. During this time you will need to keep your eyes completely closed to ensure correct application and safety.
For a more subtle effect it is advisable to get a half set of lashes to start with. It will still have a great impact on the thickness of your lashes and it will take less time – and less money – to be applied.

How Often Do You Need to Get Them Re-Done?

As mentioned above, eyelash extensions are a long-lasting treatment. with the correct maintenance the extensions can last weeks, months or even for the whole year, depending on which type you get as well. To achieve the longest lasting life of your lashes it is best to get a touch-up every 3-4 weeks.

What NOT  to do with your Lashes…

In the first 12 to 24 hours after you have had your eyelashes extensions applies, avoid water at all costs! Jokes aside, water can diminish the effect of the glue before it’s completely set, causing the lashes to fall off. Once the 24 hours have passed you may finally have a shower or wash your face! ha.

For what concerns which products you can use on your eyes, well, it’s advised to not use oil-based make up removers or any other similar product around the eye area, as they can affect the duration of your lashes.   As for make up, it would be best not to use mascara at all – do you even need it with your new set of lashes?? – but if you feel naked without it, you can use regular mascara, but keep it mind that that as well can have an impact on the life of your extensions.

What are the Types of Extensions you Offer at Cover Beauty?

We offer a wide variety of fine quality, long lasting lash applications for every kind of occasion, whether you want  to achieve an everyday natural look, or a dramatic one that won’t go unnoticed.

Below a list of the lash treatments you can find in our Salons – for more info check our website here.


Clusters of lashes applied to your own eyelashes – lasts 2-3 days.


Thick layer of clusters of lashes applied to your own eyelashes – lasts 2-3days.



Individual lashes applied to your own eyelashes – lasts 7-10 days before requiring infills.



Individual lashes applied to your own eyelashes – lasts 2-3 weeks before requiring infills.



Feathered look created by 3 lashes applied together to your own eyelashes for a fuller impact – lasts 2-3 weeks


We also offer EYELASH TINT £15 and take care of your lashes REMOVAL (STARTS FROM) £5 when you will need it.


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