What’s your nail shape?


We report this interesting and useful chart with the different types and descriptions of the most popular shapes of Nails Extensions of the moment!

(as seen on Grazia Daily )



OVAL : Very feminine and always elegant, they suit hands with shorter fingers and wide nail beds because the oval shape will help create the illusion of length. Pretty with nail art too!

SQUOVAL: Similar to the previous one,

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The power of Reflexology

reflexology massage

Reflexology is more than a glorified foot massage.

For those of you who are quite in touch with your inner self, keen yogini and open to experiencing alternative techniques to improve the energy and connection between mind, body and soul, well this treatment might be the right massage for you.

reflexology zones

It’s an ancient healing method based on the fundamental belief that feet – and hands – are a map of our body.

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All about them NAIL EXTENSIONS!

Nail-extensions gold

Many people don’t realise this, but a Nail technician is a true artist!

If they knew how much work, attention to detail, creativity and perfectionism goes behind their work, they’d think the same! This is the reason why we felt it was about time we talked about nails and the treatments we offer, with a special post.

You have realised your nails are weak, they break frequently and you can’t seem to find a way to grow them?

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Men deserve to be beautiful too!

men's grooming - massage

The beauty industry has been dominated by women for centuries, but it has come the time for the male take over!

We are living a cultural revolution of gender roles, gender identity and all that comes with these hot subjects of the moment. Including male and female beauty routines.

If over the past centuries it was mainly women who were required (by society) to be perfect at all times – spending hours waxing or shaving their legs,

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The festival season is …OPEN!

festival summer sunset

We’re at the end of June already. The summer solstice has passed and that means we are officially in SUMMER. And that means that Festival Season has begun!

We have already seen all the best looks and trends at Coachella festival, and now we’re waiting for the fashion and beauty updates from Glasto too.

Everywhere you look there is a festival and plenty of occasions to show off your personal style.

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Tropic Facial Step by Step

woman relaxing with facial mask on
  • As mentioned in a previous post we LOVE the brand Tropic Skincare so much that we have a facial treatment with their name and in which we use exclusively Tropic products.

(read more about the brand and why we love it here)

A traditional routine of a Tropic Facial in one of the Cover Beauty Salons follows these steps:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Exfoliation (with optional steam)
  4. Massage
  5. Mask
  6. Moisturiser
  7. Eye Care

Since we all have different types of skin,

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Four Layer Facial – The best facial of the century!

white face mask application with brush

Cosmopolitan UK has defined it “the best facial of the century”…

…so let’s see in details what’s so special about this wonder of a facial treatment!

What is it?
A top class anti-aging treatment, suitable for all skin types.

Which are the benefits on the skin?
Improvements of the tone, for a visibly firmer skin.

What is in it?
Loads of mineral-rich European Seaweed.

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HD Brows – The Brow Giant

hd eyebrows and make up

Before Cara Delevigne became the international brow icon everyone looks up to – “Her Eyebrowness”as was once labelled by Vogue – High Definition, the brand, was moving its first steps in the beauty industry, setting the foundations for what it is now become an empire, which is not falling short of the Roman Empire standards.

Eyebrow-shaping has ALWAYS been a thing among women, but it was back in 2008, when two pioneer women from the UK –

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HD Brows – the treatment

perfect eyebrows

HD BROWS – the brand – are the absolute experts in the beauty field…

…and their products and treatments are as perfect as the expertise of the people behind it…because they train HD Brows Stylist to very high standards.

As you know, or might have guessed, HD Brows stands for High Definition Eyebrows, which is in fact the name of their core treatment, the centre of attention of this post, and one we are proud to offer in our salons.

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A Brand We Love: CRAZY ANGEL – Your Perfect Tan

woman beach summer smile

Summer is approaching …

…and you probably have already booked that holiday away in some hot location and you are thinking of the dreaded moment when you’ll arrive on the beach and you’ll be the whitest one in a 100 miles radius! Well, fear not, because there is a solution…


Spray tanning is without a doubt the quickest way to give your skin that golden shade to get you started for the holidays,

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