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  • Classic European...£35
  • Seaweed On The Go...£40
  • Four Layer...£60
  • Tropic Facial ...£25
  • Shanaz...£30
  • Hydra Medic...£40
  • Opti-Firm Eye Contour...£20
  • Hydra Dew Express Lift...£30
  • Indian Head...£15
  • Shoulder, Neck, Back...£25
  • Foot and Leg...£15
  • Arm and Hand...£15
  • Full Body...£45
Our FACIALS explained in detail


The Seaweed Facial Mask is the express ticket to clean and healthy skin. With this, a soothing massage with C-Serum is followed by a cooling and soothing fresh seaweed mask, leaving skin clean, refreshed, and vibrant.


Seaweed On the Go, is an express treatment, which in only 30 minutes will deeply moisturise and nourish the skin, leaving it radiant and refreshed. It is dedicated for all skin types, especially those that are fatigued and damaged by the sun exposure or air conditioning and require rapid hydration. A soothing massage with the C-Serum quickly and deeply restores a required level of hydration of the skin and nourishes it firmly. Concentrated pure extract from marine algae, rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, prevents dehydration and the formation of fine lines and regenerates damaged skin and supports the treatment of inflammation, which often is caused by lack of vitamins and other essential substances. On the other hand the cooling and soothing mask with marine algae provides additional skin nourishing and refreshing, leaving it smooth and illuminated.


Experience layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone and help firm skin dramatically. Two massages will soothe, then enjoy a cool pure energy seaweed masque, followed by a mineral-rich thermal masque that allows for total penetration of the layers. This unique anti-ageing and firming facial is the treatment to guarantee constant, visible results. You will immediately notice your skin has added elasticity, smoother texture and firmed facial contours. Your skin will look younger with visibly renewed moisture and an after glow that lasts.


Tropic Facial, uses the all-natural range of products of the brand Tropic, hence the name. It’s an amazing treatment suitable for all skin types particularly dry skin. The combination of products used during this treatment, from the cleanser to the toner, the mask and the moisturiser, all contain high levels of vitamin E and fruit extracts that work together to tackle the dryness of the skin, improve skin tone and reduce pigmentation.


This is traditional Indian facial, named after Shanaz Husain the pioneer and leader of herbal care in India. The properties contained in the all-natural 100% Ayurveda herbal products help stimulate the production of new cells, and increases the natural collagen, increasing the firmness of the skin preserving its tone and youth. This facial is suitable for all skin types.


The Hydra Medic® Facial with Desincrustation Mask cleanses pores, purifies and controls existing breakouts while helping to prevent new ones from forming. It also helps reduce oil from overly active sebaceous glands, while maintaining skin moisture balance. Our exclusive Desincrustation Mask – the first of it’s kind – preps the skin for extractions, softening comedones and the solidified sebaceous material around the edges of the pore, making extractions easier to manage and minimizing skin trauma. Porprhyridium Micro-alga, a red, unicellular seaweed that’s high in essential fatty acids as well as Vitamins B and C is used in combination with Zinc as sebum regulating, moisturizing and protection for problem skin. Salicylic Acid further improves the appearance and condition of the skin, while our anti-oxidant tea blend soothes and calms. Leaves skin noticeably healthier, smoother and clearer. Clinically proven safe.


Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment The procedure improving the eye contour This professional treatment is based on the latest achievements in the field of skin care and clinically proven ingredients which help fighting the signs of sleep deprivation, aging and harmful effects of the environment on the skin . The unique composition of antioxidants protects the eyes from being damaged by external factors and keeps the skin fresh and tense for a long time after the treatment. Massage using cream with marine peptides firms the skin and reduces wrinkles of the delicate eye area. Chrysin and Japanese ginkgo which have draining properties, fight swelling and bags under the eyes. Algae Laminaria digitata, Chondrus Crispus, Ulwa Lactuca (AOSA) deeply moisturize and nourish the skin and stimulate the production of collagen fibers. Licorice and cucumber brighten and refresh eye area. The sugar mask, thanks to mucopolisaccharides, will strongly moisturize the skin, stimulate microcirculation of lymph and soothe irritation. Its ingredient- the Hexapeptide Argineline – acts similarly to the effect of botulinum toxin and smooths the wrinkles. The treatment ends with applying the serum containing biopolymer and hexapeptide, which in a few minutes firmly tighten the skin giving sensational lifting effect.


This Express Facial with Argireline® hexapeptide helps to give skin a virtual lift. Codium Tomentosum seaweed provides in-depth moisturization. Waterlily, Palmitoyl Proline, and calming Willowherb Extracts ensure immediate calming and soothing. Essential Fatty Acids of Sunflower, Sesame and Almonds work to re-establish the hydra-lipidic protective barrier; while Bearberry combats hyper-pigmentation to lighten and brighten the complexion. Rich in Beta Carotene, B Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron Minerals. Hydra Dew® Express Lift Moisture Facial delivers maximum results in a minimum of time.

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