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HD Brows – The Brow Giant

Before Cara Delevigne became the international brow icon everyone looks up to – “Her Eyebrowness”as was once labelled by Vogue – High Definition, the brand, was moving its first steps in the beauty industry, setting the foundations for what it is now become an empire, which is not falling short of the Roman Empire standards.

Eyebrow-shaping has ALWAYS been a thing among women, but it was back in 2008, when two pioneer women from the UK – Nilam Holmes-Patel and Karen Betts – got together and founded HD Brows, that eyebrows were not just a part of the body you were born with, a given by nature, but a true fashion/power/life statement of modern society.

Although at the beginning they started just with a special focus on eyebrows treatments, which was what defined them as a brand more than anything else, and which has made their name known internationally, turning them into THE authority in this field, the company grew and expanded over the years of activity.
Today HD not only the brand has an award winning signature treatment, HD BROWS, everyone all over the world wants (both salons and customers) – and of course we have it in our salons as well ! – but also they rule the industry with a fantastic make-up line, eyelash extensions, nails and nail art, a top notch range of skincare products and treatments, and of course an Academy, with dedicated training courses for those who want to learn all the secrets of the trade and become a certified HD Therapist.

We are proud to be an official High Definition stockist and have in our team fully trained specialists who are able to perform to perfection the acclaimed HD BROW treatment.

Book yourself in by clicking here or come visit us in one of our salons in the North East (Newcastle city centre, Metrocentre – Gateshead and the Galleries in Washington)

Henna Brows treatment
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