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A Brand We Love: CRAZY ANGEL – Your Perfect Tan

Summer is approaching …

…and you probably have already booked that holiday away in some hot location and you are thinking of the dreaded moment when you’ll arrive on the beach and you’ll be the whitest one in a 100 miles radius!

Well, fear not, because there is a solution… SPRAY TANNING!

Spray tanning is without a doubt the quickest way to give your skin that golden shade to get you started for the holidays, or to keep it on – all year round – to fight the winter blues.

There are many tanning products in circulation, and too many are the brands who promise you the world, but leave you with unsatisfying results and that horrible orange shade that’s hard to wash away… that’s why we have chosen CRAZY ANGEL, a professional leader in its sector, one of the best brands there is. These products are fantastic because they come in a range of colours that is is easily applicable to different skin tones, and will give a naturally tanned look, compatible with your skin tone.

The Golden Mistress sprays are tailored to suit fairer and gentle skin tones, giving a sun kissed angelic glow, while the Midnight Mistress sprays, are perfect for naturally darker/olive skins tones or to achieve that desired “I’ve been away on the beach for three weeks” kind of tan.

The fine mist of these sprays is the secret of a quick and streak-free tanning treatment. It will instantly make your skin look healthier and glowing, it will hiding those little imperfections like blemishes and varicose veins and last but not least…

Did you know that a tan makes you look thinner too??

It’s a win-win situation here! A tan, in fact, instantly makes you feel healthier and more confident. The only problem is that you can’t always lay in the sun for hours (especially if you live in England) or put your skin through thousands of sun beds, because not only that would turn out to be very expensive, but also very dangerous for the health of your skin. Many studies have demonstrated how the overexposure to UV rays can be extremely harmful for your skin and how they can cause damages such as allergic reactions, immune suppression, premature ageing and irreversible eye damage. Over time, an excessive UV exposure may be the cause of melanoma, ie. skin cancer. 

The sun is indeed a vital source of vitamins, but since we can’t exaggerate with that anymore, spray tan is our best option!

Gorgeous woman lying on the beach tanning

Get ready your skin ready for summer with a healthy, sun-kissed look at COVER Beauty!
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