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HD Brows – the treatment

HD BROWS – the brand – are the absolute experts in the beauty field…

…and their products and treatments are as perfect as the expertise of the people behind it…because they train HD Brows Stylist to a very high standard.

As you know, or might have guessed, HD Brows stands for High Definition Eyebrows, which is in fact the name of their core treatment, the centre of attention of this post, and one we are proud to offer in our salons.

So here we go. What can you expect from an HD Brows Treatment?

Well, if having perfectly symmetrical eyebrows is a must – otherwise your OCD will kick in big time – trust us, this is without any doubt the right one for you.

An expert Brow Stylist will take time to analyse your current brow situation, consider what size and shape works best with your facial features and will agree with you on the look you want to achieve, before starting the actual treatment.

The eyebrows are then tinted (obviously with a colour that matches your natural one to perfection) and then the shaping process starts: a combination of waxing, threading, tweezing, brush, brow pencil and more, all to ensure the final result is top notch.

Sounds so easy and simple, right?

Have a look below at some ‘before & after’ shots, the results are absolutely stunning. Your eyebrows will turn heads!

Visit our website to see all the other Eyebrows Treatments we offer and if we’ve been convincing enough, you can book your HD Brows appointment here.

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