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Four Layer Facial – The best facial of the century!

Cosmopolitan UK has defined it “the best facial of the century”…

…so let’s see in details what’s so special about this wonder of a facial treatment!

What is it?
A top class anti-aging treatment, suitable for all skin types.

Which are the benefits on the skin?
Improvements of the tone, for a visibly firmer skin.

What is in it?
Loads of mineral-rich European Seaweed.

How does it work?
This treatment focuses on the application on layers of different products that will work together to hydrate, rejuvenate and make your skin look younger.

First Layer: C- SERUM
The C-Serum, which contains 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins and minerals and 42 trace elements derived from deep sea seaweed is applied on crucial zones of face, neck and décolletage, with a massage to ensure the serum is fully absorbed.

Second Layer: Hydrating Cream
The Hydrating Cream, which contains lactic acid acting as exfoliator, is then applied with a delicate massage on top of the serum for a smoother and youthful looking skin.

Third Layer: Seaweed Treatment Mask
A mixture of two products Seaweed Mask Powder and Gel is applied at this stage all over the face and neck areas.

Fourth Layer: Mineral Mask
The Mineral Mask is the grand finale of the treatment. It is applied on top of the layer of Seaweed Mask, and it is a thermal mask that creates its own gentle warmth essential to activate the benefits of the Seaweed mask underneath.

After both masks are removed and a finishing layer of hydrating cream and serum is applied to the most delicate areas of the face (eyes and lip contour) you’ll be surprised by the result!

In fact, with this treatment you will see immediate results on your skin. It’s a pure injection of energy and hydration to the skin, that will react by looking more relaxed, cleaner and younger looking right after the first treatment! You will love it!

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