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Tropic Facial Step by Step

As mentioned in a previous post we LOVE the brand Tropic Skincare so much that we have a facial treatment with their name and in which we use exclusively Tropic products.

(read more about the brand and why we love it here)

A traditional routine of a Tropic Facial in one of the Cover Beauty Salons follows these steps:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Exfoliation (with optional steam)
  4. Massage
  5. Mask
  6. Moisturiser
  7. Eye Care

Since we all have different types of skin, it’s important to know which are the right products to use on our skin and in this case during the the treatment as well, in order to make sure we are maximising the effects of the natural ingredients and obtain the best results. A Tropic Facial can be tailored to the needs of the client, each one is unique. Our Therapists are experts in the field and they will be able to identify your skin type and the unique combination of products to go with it, and also to suggest which are your delicate and troubled areas and what to do about them.

The beauty of Tropic Products is that they are easy to use at home as well, so maybe if you come for your first facial and you fall in love with it, you could purchase the products we have used on you during the treatment and continue the routine at home, if you have enough time to dedicate to it every day.

We’re warning you though…It’s not going to be the same as coming to the salon and have someone take care of you, gently massaging the products on your face while you relax 😉
Here below we have put together a little example of a beauty routine  perfect to achieve a fresher, younger looking skin, if you wanted to try this at home!

smoothing cleanser tropic
STEP 1 – Cleanser
vitamin toner tropic
STEP 2 – Toner











Full of all the proprieties of eucalyptus, golden jojoba and avocado oils, this cleanser purifies the skin from dirt and make up residues on your skin making every pore breathe. All the dirt is removed with a 100%organic bamboo cloth, perfect for this purpose.

STEP 2 – Toning with VITAMIN TONE

A delicate pore refining mist that contains rose water, aloe vera and cucumber juices, rich in vitamins and amino acids, incredibly beneficial to restore the pH balance of your skin.

face lift mask tropic



A mask with a tightening age-defying “lift” on your skin. The all natural ingredients of this mask will hydrate, nourish and brighten your skin while also reducing fine lines.



STEP 4 – Moisturiser
STEP 5 – Elixir











STEP 4 – Moisturising with SKIN REVIVE
A cream that contains lots of extracts from 20 different plants and fruits which are high in nutrients and work together to
achieve a maximal hydration for the skin that will be visibly healthier and radiant.

STEP 5 – Finishing touches with ORGANIC ELIXIR

A powerful organic oil containing all the good antioxidants and amino acids that, when applied to the most crucial areas of face, neck and décolletage, will have a visible anti-age effect on your skin.


If you have any questions about the products or the treatment just pop us a message via our website!

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