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Men deserve to be beautiful too!

The beauty industry has been dominated by women for centuries, but it has come the time for the male take over!

We are living a cultural revolution of gender roles, gender identity and all that comes with these hot subjects of the moment. Including male and female beauty routines.

If over the past centuries it was mainly women who were required (by society) to be perfect at all times – spending hours waxing or shaving their legs, arms, arm pits, face, have impeccable hair, make up to a t and the softest skin of them all – today these things are starting to be required of men too!

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This has to do with the increase of freedom of sexuality and an opening to diversity that only the Ancient Greeks have probably seen before. The influence of the gay and queer culture on society has had an effect on how men are represented and want to appear to the world.

And, have you ever heard the term ‘manscaping’?

From “man” and “landscaping” this neologism was born a few years ago but has gained full recognition as a real term. Manscaping is:

“The action of removing body or facial hair from a man. The term manscape originated from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, where the presenters (the Fab Five) love to coin neologisms in their areas of expertise. It is a regular practice on the program to shave, wax or pluck hair from the “straight guy” to make him more attractive (see metrosexual). Man is blended with landscape as landscaping has recently changed its meaning metaphorically: from pruning foliage to trimming body hair for aesthetic reasons.”

                                                                       Neologism Database – The Rice University

Body and face waxing, threading, manicure and pedicure treatments are now commonly requested and performed on men too, in almost every beauty salon! Although it’s a general term, it usually refers to a regular practice men do to keep everything neat and tidy in the nether regions… We wouldn’t be surprised to see men have bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood waxes more regularly in the near future!

Have a look at these videos from Buzzfeed about men trying threading and bikini waxing – they’re quite hilarious.

We do have a good number of men who come to our salons for a bit of pamper time and to take care of their bushy eyebrows or hairy chests. Visit our website and have a look at the list of treatments available in your salon of choice.

Do you want to give your boyfriend, partner, brother or dad a make over and a well groomed-up look? Book him an appointment  – we’ll take good care of him! ;)



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