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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic, silk or mink lashes that are applied directly onto your own natural eyelashes. Our lashes are available in a range of lengths, thickness and curvatures, so that any look can be achieved.

Using a specialised flexible adhesive, each lash extension is gently bonded one by one directly on top of your natural lashed. The eyelash extensions in our selection are so lightweight that, when applied, will feel just like your own.

Here are a few tips to help you look after your new fabulous lashes and ensure they last as long as possible:

  • DO NOT get your lashes wet  for 24h, allowing time for the glue to dry completely
  • DO NOT steam your lashes for 48h (no hot shower, sauna, steam room, steaming facials)
  • AVOID oils, creams and foundation around your lashes and eyelids as these products will loosen the bond causing the lashes to come off.
  • DO use a oil free make up remover to remove your make up but AVOID using cotton wool on your eyelashes.
  • DO NOT sleep with your dace directly into a pillow
  • DO NOT use waterproof mascara or liquid eyeliner (there are some make up products available on the market specifically designed to be used with eyelash extensions as they do not contain any elements which could damage them).
  • AVOID getting an eye infection by cleaning your lashes regularly using baby shampoo.
  • AVOID touching, rubbing or fiddling with your eyes as they might prematurely remove your own natural eyelashes leaving gaps
  • DO NOT perm or tint your lashes
  • DO NOT use eyelash curlers as they will break the glue bond.

For best results, we recommend you get infills every 10-14 days.


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