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NU SKIN – the scientific answer to ageing

Would you be intrigued if we told you that there is a way to delay the ageing of your skin and look younger? Science, and NU SKIN have the answer!

NU SKIN is a globally recognised cosmetics company, one of the leaders in the anti-ageing science, that sets the standard among the skin care and wellness industries. It was founded at the beginning of the 1980s and has been active in the beauty industry ever since. Their real innovation is the science behind their products, that promised and performed great anti-ageing results and were formulated with only the best ingredients for the skin.

“all of the good, none of the bad”

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What’s the NU SKIN Science?

The focus of NU SKIN, and their revolutionary approach, is really the fact that they are not interested in just studying how to stop the ageing process from the outside, just with the application of a product. What they are doing is actually to dig deep and tackle the problem form its source: our skin cells. The team of leading scientist have researched the causes of ageing and developed an innovative system called ageLOC® to target the problem directly.

What is ageLOC®?

The innovative ageLOC® system is the key to the high performing NU SKIN® products. Years and years of research led their expert scientific team to discover the causes of ageing by studying the human genes. The chemical components responsible for our ageing process have been identified as “SuperMarkers” (age-related super markers) and the ageLOC® science targets the activity of these markers with the formulas included in the tried and tested Nu Skin® products.

Have you ever heard of the GALVANIC SPA Facial?

NU SKIN is the revolution in the health & beauty world with their anti-ageing solutions and the Galvanic Spa is one of them.

Galvanic Spa facial

Come visit us to try the famous GALVANIC SPA Facial, one of the most sought-after and effective NU SKIN treatment.       A combination of science and SPA benefits, and a dual action of selected anti-ageing products with safe electric currents applied on the skin to stimulate the rejuvenation of the cells and achieve a visibly younger looking skin, with a regular application.

We offer Galvanic Spa Facial and many other facials and treatments at Appearance By Cover Beauty in the Metrocentre.



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