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Oxygen Bar – the latest trends

Since they first appeared in the 1990s, Oxygen bars have always grown in popularity.

The first oxygen bar was launched in Canada in 1996 and the trend then spread all across America till it reached our shores. The whole concept behind it takes inspiration from countries like Japan and China, where they have real “air stations”, due to high levels of pollutions in the air, especially in cities like Tokyo or Beijing. Oxygen bars have become a staple people pleaser at nightclubs, salons, fitness centres, malls, theme parks and airports.

What can you expect from an oxygen bar session?

Usually the oxygen you will be “served” contains 99% pure O2 (about4-5 times more than the average 21% you find in “normal” air you breathe daily). You are given a tube to hook over your ears and into your nose and all you have to do is sit down relax and…breathe.

Just like any other ‘bar’, oxygen bars offer a variety of scents and flavours to add to your oxygen session, according to the specific effect you are after:  for an energising effect peppermint and citrus are the best picks,  for a relaxing effect instead you’ll want to choose chamomile. Oxygen gas is then bubbled through scented water and pumped through a breathing tube that you plug into your nose, the duration of the treatment can vary. The air flow isn’t strong so it will feel like breathing normal air, with the additional hint of the scent you picked. All in all a very pleasurable experience for sure.

Although there is no medical proof that breathing in extra amount of oxygen really has any benefit for your body, it is believed that breathing in non-medical scented oxygen leaves people who tried it feeling refreshed, full of energy and alert.

Among the other benefits it has been proved to:

  • reduce stress,
  • increase energy and alertness,
  • relieve hangovers,
  • alleviate headaches, and sinus problems,
  • and generally relax the body.



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