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Introducing the beautiful art of Henna! 

Mainly used for body art and hair dye-ing, Henna is the product of a plant, whose origins are still a bit mysterious. Its flowers, and the pigments contained in them, have been used over the centuries by many cultures all over the world, in countries such as India, Middle East and Africa.

According to the historical reports, the beautiful Cleopatra used to used it to adorn her body, a practice she probably embraced when she was in Egypt – in fact the Henna paste was already applied to mummies as a decorative design before the burial.

Today Henna is popularly used in temporary tattoos and body art in particular. You’ve probably seen them often on beautiful Indian Brides in Bollywood movies – or at an Indian wedding, if you have had the pleasure to participate to such a colourful and happy event before in your life!

It is also used in other cultures with different patterns compared to the Indian ones, but all in all the general symbol of the lines and design is to symbolise joy, beauty, to chase away the evil and attract positivity.


If you didn’t know yet… we offer henna tattoos and body art in most of our Salons! 

Especially at Appearance by Cover in the Metrocentre and in our beauty salons in Newcastle and Washington!

Book yourself in and get a beautiful design on your body, just in time for summer!



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