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We have the escape zone you were looking for…

If you can’t get away to a beautiful Italian Spa in Tuscany – like the one in the photo below – at the click of a finger …

Saturnia – Cascate del Mulino, Italy

… then the closest you can get to that general feeling of relaxation, detachment from all work-related, family-related, everything-else-related stress only a spa retreat could give you is… booking yourself in for one of our Pamper Treatments – a massage in particular – and enjoy a few hours for yourself, alone, just you and your massage therapist, a person who, if you ask her to, won’t even say a word and just work on your body in silence.

The benefits regular massages can have on the body are really uncountable.

The Romans were very fond of body massage. A popular Latin saying goes ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’, which means that for a healthy mind you need an healthy body. In fact, the Romans – and the Greeks before them – had a true cult for the body and took extra care of it, especially with baths and  massages. For them it wasn’t just a way to keep clean and healthy,  it was a truly social activity, a way to meet friends and to talk about anything from gossip to politics with their peers.

Today, going to the Spa or going for a massage, is seen more as an individual activity, something to do on our own, to get away from the routine, focus on yourself, aimed at releasing worry and stress of work and life.

Over the past couple of decades, many massage trends have had their own big moment of popularity and we are now looking at almost at a 100 different types of massages, inherited from exotic cultures like the Japanese Shiatsu, or the Thai massage, the Ayurveda massage from India or the ancient tradition of Reflexology from China – each one with their own characteristics and benefits.

Studies prove that massage is very effective to relieve pain, stress and other mild illnesses, because by manipulating targeted areas of the body with repetitive movements and pressure on trigger areas, the blood circulation is improved and therefore more oxygen will reach the tissues, relieving aches and aiding recovery.

Other studies have demonstrated how massage therapy might be beneficials for people who suffer with anxiety and depression, insomnia and migraines.

(For more information click here).

Especially when it comes to psychological issues and depression, studies have shown that massage can lower the levels of cortisol (an hormone produced by the body in response to stress) by as much as 50% and increase the ones of serotonin and dopamine, both neurotransmitters believed to contribute in stabilising mood swings and giving a general sense of wellness and happiness.


Here are the types of massage we offer in our Salons :

Indian Head
Shoulders & Neck
Shoulders, Neck & Back
Foot & Leg
Arm & Hand
Full Body

Visit the “massage” section of each Salon on our website to read the specifics of each massage, pick the one that you like the most and book your massage session!

*It is important to keep in mind that massage therapy cannot be considered as a replacement for regular medical care, but the combination of the two might give better results.

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