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Many people don’t realise this, but a Nail technician is a true artist!

If they knew how much work, attention to detail, creativity and perfectionism goes behind their work, they’d think the same! This is the reason why we felt it was about time we talked about nails and the treatments we offer, with a special post.

You have realised your nails are weak, they break frequently and you can’t seem to find a way to grow them? Or else, you like to do your own nails and love a touch of colour, but the shop-bought nail polishes don’t seem to last long enough and you don’t always have time to re-do your nails every other day?

This is why COVER is here for you  girls!

There are different long-lasting Nail treatments we can suggest…

If it is your first time trying nail extensions or you have had them done before but you are starting from scratch again after some time, then a Full Set of Extensions is what would work best for you. A Full Set treatment starts with the usual prepping of your natural nails – trimming and flinging your nails and treating the cuticles. Then, an artificial tip and a layer of acrylic is applied on top to create the base of your new nail. Once this is set properly, the technician proceeds to add the desired colour (either Gel or Polish) and any design or decoration you would like.

Sculptured Nails, are another type of nail extensions that follows a different technique, and are not often offered in other salons because it’s an art on its own that requires years to perfect.

As the name suggests, the extension is “sculpted” – built – on top of your natural nail without an artificial tip. The tip in this case is created ex-novo by modelling the acrylic liquid to perfectly fit the shape of your finger and natural nail.

sculptured nails step 1 sculptured nails step 2 sculptured nails 3






modelling sculptured nail

filing sculpted nails






Once the acrylic layer is set as in the case above, the technician can proceed with the application of colour and any design or decoration.

The difference between a Full Set and Sculptured Nails is one of durability. Sculptured nails, because they are built straight on your nail, they don’t have the weak spot between the tip and the nail as it happens in the Full Set.

If you are not after nail extensions and are happy with the length of your natural nails, you can opt for Nails Overlay. For this treatment, the strengthening mixture is applied directly on your natural nail, and the rest of the decorations afterwards on top of it. So, the overlay will be the same length of your nail but it will make them stronger and they will last longer.

How often will you have to retouch your nails if you have extensions?

The longevity of your nails will depend on many factors linked to how much you use your hands. Usually the upkeep should be done every 3-4 weeks. If you have either a Full Set or Sculpted nails on, it’s not necessary to remove them and start a new set every time, you could opt for Infills instead. Infills are the “maintenance” procedure, a quick way to tidy up, touch-up your manicure with a quick filling of the re-growth gap that will appear at the bottom of your nails, near the cuticles, as they grow underneath.

What’s your shape?

Squoval, coffin, stiletto? If these words don’t ring any bell, you better read this post we wrote about the different and most popular shapes of nails of the moment!


Visit our website and pick your favourite nail treatment from the wide variety on offer.


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