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Pretty nail ideas to ask for on your next post-lockdown appointment at Cover!

Just in time for the upcoming relaxation of lockdown measures and the long-awaited opening of non-essential shops- yes beauty salons included – we thought we’d round up a few of our favourite nail trends of the moment, which are super pretty and perfect for this season. The days are longer, the sun has started to make more regular appearances and the temperatures are – well, sort of – getting milder. So what better way to brighten up your look than with summer inspired nails?

Prepare to be wowed by a new take on a nail trend classic, get your soft side on with dreamy pastels and strip it back to basic with minimalist nails, Korean style.

Take note or screenshot these looks and show them to us next time you come for a nail appointment!

French Manicure with a twist

As seen on pretty much everyone that is anyone lately, the French manicure is back with a new modern approach and you’re going to love it. The classic nude nail with white tip that dominated the scene during the early 2000s, has now taken a more subtle, modern and fun turn. You can go micro with a very thin white strip on the top, which works extremely well for those of you who like to keep their nails short and practical.

Alternatively, for longer nails fans, you can break the norm and go for a coloured nail tip, either picking one colour  for all nails or choosing a different one for each nail.

Another popular option we’ve seen very often is the reverse french manicure, with the half moons on your nail painted instead of the tip, particularly cute with soft pastel colours.

Or why not, you can even combine a classic french with a reverse french for a graphic and unique look.

Multi coloured nails

This trend is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement. For this season we’d suggest going full on pastel and picking muted shades of yellow, blue, green, lilac, pink. These are colours that work well on various skin tones and will instantly give you a mood boost every time you look down at your hands!

There are many ways to go about creating the perfect multicoloured nails manicure. One is to keep the nail polish colours within the same range, and paint each nail from a lighter shade to a darker one, in order to create a gradient/ombre effect.

Another one is to pick colours that are complementary to each other and apply a different colour on each nail after having planned out multiple combinations in advance to see which one works best. It will look effortless and very very on trend.

Rose quartz nails

Staying in the realm of the pastels, we’ve come across this beautiful trend which we can’t wait to try on our customers’ nails. Rose quartz nails are so quintessentially Instagram-worthy that you won’t be able to stop taking picture of your fingertips under different just to see how the it reflects on the nail.

After a recent revival of crystals and spirituality – which is so boho-chic – it’s not a surprise that this trend has insinuated itself in many aspects of beauty, from gua sha stones and meditation crystals, all the way to our hands.

Rose quartz is also one of the most popular crystals and it represents love, calm, patience. If you feel you’re lacking any of these in your life currently, going for a Rose quartz design on your nails is a way of keeping the powers of this crystal always with you, as well as having nails to die for!

Nude nails

Over the last years we have seen asian beauty trends (particularly Korean or Japanese)  take over the western world. From the 10 steps K-Beauty routine to make up tricks to look like an anime queen, eyebrow shapes all the way to current nail trends.

Nude nails are a must for all the classy Korean ladies. Sleek, effortless and low-maintenance, they are a true minimalist’s dream.

This look is perfect for those of you who enjoy looking after your hands and treat yourself to a manicure once in a while, but aren’t too keen on bright colours and bold patterns. This look is right up your street.

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