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What’s your nail shape?

We report this interesting and useful chart with the different types and descriptions of the most popular shapes of Nails Extensions of the moment!

(as seen on Grazia Daily )



OVAL : Very feminine and always elegant, they suit hands with shorter fingers and wide nail beds because the oval shape will help create the illusion of length. Pretty with nail art too!

SQUOVAL: Similar to the previous one, they are very classy and girly will help create the same effect of length.

ALMOND : perfect for every type of hand, and super-chic. The look best with metallic colours.

COFFIN: uber-glam and super popular at the moment. If your nail bed is long and narrow these will be perfect for you.

STILETTO: Like coffin nails these are quite high-maintenance but are perfect if you want to stand out. Go crazy with the nail art.

SQUARE: nice and tidy, very in during the noughties. you should pick these if you have long fingers but narrow nail beds. Pair with bold colours.

ROUND: simple and elegant, you can never go wrong with round nails. These suit any colour, and look very natural if you leave them unpainted.





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