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All about Henna Brows

Henna Brows: The latest trend in the eyebrow shaping scene. Colouring and tinting eyebrows is a well known practice, but the Henna Brows treatment is rapidly becoming the go-to option  for both brow artists and clients. It's a type of…

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What’s your nail shape?

We report this interesting and useful chart with the different types and descriptions of the most popular shapes of Nails Extensions of the moment! (as seen on Grazia Daily )   OVAL : Very feminine and always elegant, they suit hands…

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The power of Reflexology

Reflexology is more than a glorified foot massage. For those of you who are in touch with your inner self, keen yogini and open to experiencing alternative techniques to improve the energy and connection between mind, body and soul, well…

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All about them NAIL EXTENSIONS!

Many people don’t realise this, but a Nail technician is a true artist! If they knew how much work, attention to detail, creativity and perfectionism goes behind their work, they'd think the same! This is the reason why we felt it…

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Tropic Facial Step by Step

As mentioned in a previous post we LOVE the brand Tropic Skincare so much that we have a facial treatment with their name and in which we use exclusively Tropic products. (read more about the brand and why we love it here)…

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HD Brows – The Brow Giant

Before Cara Delevigne became the international brow icon everyone looks up to – “Her Eyebrowness”as was once labelled by Vogue – High Definition, the brand, was moving its first steps in the beauty industry, setting the foundations for what it is…

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